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What we love

Gurung challenging his comfort zone. Stepping out of the box and taking on new challenging techniques, engineered digital printing and latex.

Unexpected Passionate Vibrant color 

What we’d like to see more of


Experimentation with engineered digital prints. The british are the forerunners in this craft, and it is refreshing to see a New York Designer push this technique forward in their work. Perfecting the movement of pattern across the body will push his work to an even higher level of taste and refinement.

What we can live without

A bit too far with the cutout peek-a-boo styles. Edward Scissorhands gone wild. Love that Gurung pushed the envelope, but could have used more editing in the design process. More editing would retain the sophistication we have grown to expect from the designer. Dare we say a little less purple? Being this is one of our favorite colors, if we are feeling slightly overwhelmed by the predominance and saturation of the hue it could have been more balanced throughout. Overall, one of the most exciting collections shown so far.

It will be interesting to see which styles end up on the red carpet, and who will be wearing them. 

 Photos courtesy of style.com

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